Dr. Norbert Scharf

Dr. Norbert Scharf

+49(0)89 179 59 59 0
+49(0)89 179 59 59 29
Prannerstraße 6
80333 Munich


VCARD: Dr. Norbert Scharf

Areas of expertise:

  • Commercial criminal law and criminal tax law
  • Commercial criminal law
  • Compliance and corporate liability law

Correspondence languages:

German, English


Dr. Norbert Scharf is a lawyer and partner at GRUB BRUGGER’s Munich location. 

As a very experienced criminal lawyer, he has been in demand and active for years in numerous large and publicly disclosed commercial criminal law proceedings. He also collaborates regularly with other well-known lawyers and law firms in this field of activity.  

Dr. Scharf advises companies and individuals of economic life on criminal matters and the repercussions in other jurisdictions that are often associated with them (e.g. civil liability, company law and professional law). His key areas of specialisation include the defence of individuals at all stages of criminal or administrative offence proceedings, as well as the management of complex defence tasks in extensive corporate defences.

In the field of civil corporate liability law, as well as in the area of liability of business leaders (such as directors and managers), Dr. Scharf has also been representing former or active company directors or business executives for years, both in and out of court, often in connection with concurrent criminal proceedings. He also frequently covers cross-border proceedings. In addition, he often works in the background, using his expertise to advise and support clients or companies on complex criminal law issues.


  • 2010: Started work as a partner at GRUB BRUGGER
  • 2002: Lawyer and partner in the Nachman law firm , Munich
  • 1998: Senior civil servant in the Press and Information Office of the German Federal Government, Bonn and Berlin
  • 1997: Legal advisory and consultant activity in the European Parliament, Luxembourg and Brussels
  • Worked on his doctoral thesis under Professor M. Brenner, Chair for German and European Constitutional and Administrative Law, Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena
  • Studied law at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich


Das Kooperationsverhältnis zwischen Bundesverfassungsgericht und Europäischem Gerichtshof (Dissertaion 2005) (The relationship of cooperation between the German Federal Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice)

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