Law Firm of the Year Insolvency and Restructuring
Grub Brugger

Your partner for fresh perspectives

Difficult economic conditions, international competition, the ongoing pressure of digitalisation and increasing regulation through sanction mechanisms are just some of the challenges you and your business may face. Even large, established companies may experience difficulties in their attempts to navigate the choppy waters of complex economic contexts. The legal framework underpinning these situations is equally complex. This is exactly why you need a partner with domestic and international experience by your side.

For more than 50 years, we have been successfully advising our clients in times of crisis and insolvency and in criminal defence cases. Our clients include both debtors (companies and entrepreneurs) and their creditors. We are experts at diligently representing your interests both in out-of-court settlements and in formal insolvency or criminal proceedings. By using in-house business consultants we are able to provide targeted, business-minded advice and support, providing you with a one-stop solution for your needs.

We understand that a fresh perspective is especially valuable during times of crisis. Ideally one that will use effective restructuring and reorganisation to allow companies to continue as a going concern. This is precisely where our expertise lies – even in the most complex of cases. As we work, we always attach particular importance to protecting the interests of creditors and employees alike. Numerous businesses have already benefitted from our advice, and we have been able to save many from being dismantled and have helped many more to return to making healthy profits by supporting them in selling off certain parts of their business.

Our core competence: Using our legal prowess to resolve crises pragmatically.

Companies in crisis need a comprehensive strategy combining various legal disciplines quickly and rigorously. All potential courses of action and liability risks need to be identified, assessed and approached with practical considerations in mind.

We provide advice and support in the fields of insolvency and reorganisation as well as company law, banking, capital markets, commercial, employment and contract law. We also offer comprehensive legal support for reorganising, restructuring and liquidating companies as well as providing support with M&A processes.

Distressed debt and non-performing loans are two further areas in which we have in-depth expertise. In particular, our skills in these areas lie in legal due diligence on portfolio and individual transactions as well as general transaction structuring. We also provide legal advice during the subsequent workout and servicing, including the establishment of the required external units.


One of our firm’s most sought after qualities is our specialisation in corporate criminal law and tax criminal law, and our ability to advise clients on, and represent them in these matters. In addition to general corporate criminal law and tax criminal law, these areas of law in particular cross over into criminal law and the law on administrative offences as a result of specific provisions on sanctions. Proceedings in these areas always have far-reaching implications for companies and their bodies. Our resolute and highly successful criminal law team has decades of experience in this field. We have one of the leading corporate criminal law and tax criminal law teams in Germany and have made a name for ourselves in this field by successfully advising companies during sanction procedures and representing renowned company executives.


Benefit from the support of renowned experts and a consultancy service tailored precisely to your needs.

JUVE Awards: GRUB BRUGGER is law firm of the year 2022 for insolvency and restructuring in Germany

The JUVE Handbook of commercial law firms ranks us among the top insolvency and corporate criminal law firms in Germany.

More than 40 experienced and highly specialised experts in four offices across Germany are available to advise you every step of the way on all matters relating to restructurings and insolvency. Needless to say, we can also advise you in international affairs. Drawing on more than 50 years of experience in the field, gained from working on well over 1,000 insolvency proceedings, our consultancy service has been tailored precisely to your needs.

Receive comprehensive legal support, with a particular focus on insolvency, reorganisation and commercial law as well as corporate criminal law and tax criminal law. We can advise you on ongoing insolvency proceedings as well as on settling matters out of court. Our expert teams are extremely adept at viewing cases from a commercial perspective, which means that finding pragmatic solutions is always our top priority. Thanks to our in-house business consultants, our interdisciplinary approach helps us to focus our efforts on your business and also includes the preparation of budget calculations and reorganisation reports in accordance with the IDW S6 standard established by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany.

Insolvency administration

Insolvency administration is our law firm’s key area of specialisation. Our insolvency practitioners are true experts in their field and are renowned across Germany.

Reorganisation consulting

In addition to insolvency administration, another one of our key areas of specialisation is providing comprehensive legal advice on reorganisation to companies in crisis and their creditors.

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Commercial law

We advise well-known companies of all sizes and entrepreneurs from Germany and abroad on all areas of commercial law.

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Corporate criminal law

Our team includes one of Germany’s most distinguished criminal lawyers. He and his colleagues are on hand to advise our clients on matters of corporate criminal law.

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