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Intellectual property and competition law

Creative ideas are worth their weight in gold.

Intellectual property is what makes today’s markets so dynamic – innovations give companies their cutting edge and are the secret behind their economic success. New ideas, processes and not least technologies often irreversibly change the face of entire competitive environments.
To ensure that new ideas are given adequate protection, the legal frameworks in this field are also constantly being updated – both nationally and internationally.
We advise and represent large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises in connection with matters relating to copyright, registered design and trademark law as well as competition law.
Our experts provide comprehensive advice on creating preventive strategies and on making claims and gaining compensation in cases where rights are violated. And it goes without saying that we can also do this internationally.

What you need to know about intellectual property and competition law

  • The dynamic pace of change means that there is a constant need for training and innovative new solutions in this field
  • Given the speed of market developments, enforcing rights quickly is extremely important

Our services:

Our key services at a glance:

  • Drafting contracts on the granting and transfer of rights (our key area of focus)
  • Developing preventive strategies to protect our clients’ rights
  • Taking action quickly and efficiently (both in and out of court) when rights are violated
  • Advising and representing our clients in relation to all areas of copyright, registered design, trademark and competition law
  • Providing comprehensive advice in cases where competitors engage in unfair practices to gain a competitive advantage over our clients


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Solutions tailored specifically to your business to help you maintain your position in the market
  • You also benefit from our expertise in insolvency law, which can have specific implications for the exploitation and exploitability of intellectual property rights
  • Large international network of partners to enforce your interests worldwide