Law Firm of the Year Insolvency and Restructuring
Grub Brugger Kanzlei

We find targeted
and specialist solutions
tailored to your needs.

GRUB BRUGGER has been operating in Germany and internationally for more than five decades and currently has offices in Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Freiburg. Since being founded in 1965, we have focused on insolvency, reorganisation, commercial and corporate criminal law. 

Over the years, we have continued to hone our skills while advising companies in crisis and their creditors, conducting insolvency administration, representing and advising our clients in prominent criminal proceedings and in matters relating to corporate criminal law, and cooperating with financial investors and banks. Drawing on this specialist knowledge, enables us to offer comprehensive and commercially sound legal advice, conduct a solid defence for our clients and represent their interests with their commercial success in mind. Our work covers all aspects of commercial and company law as well as employment and contract law. 

We owe our success to our ability to quickly assess complex situations and provide outstanding expert legal advice and representation to our clients. 

Our clients include renowned German and international companies, banks and financial investors as well as their executives. We represent their interests both in the courtroom and out of court and find sophisticated, pragmatic solutions. 

Lawyers from our firm have acted as insolvency practitioners in numerous challenging insolvency proceedings which attracted attention across Germany (e.g. A W G Allgemeine Warenvertriebs-GmbH, Weber Automotive, the Lang bakery chain, Armstrong DLW GmbH, Hess AG, Schiesser AG, Brokat AG, bäurer AG, Südmilch AG, G. Bauknecht GmbH, NKD Vertriebs GmbH, Bleyle GmbH and Traub AG), and our firm’s lawyers are still regularly appointed to that function by numerous courts. We have also worked on a large number of high-profile criminal proceedings. Our clients benefit from the wealth of practical experience we have gained throughout our history. 

In recent years, our two successful founders, Dr Volker Grub and Ulrich Brugger, after whom our law firm is named, have built up a young team of over 50 highly qualified and specialist lawyers who work across our four offices. Together, our team ensures that the GRUB BRUGGER law firm will continue to rank among the leading law firms in our fields. <br/> We find targeted and specialist solutions tailored to your needs.