Law Firm of the Year Insolvency and Restructuring


Tried-and-tested commercial negotiation methods are not always sufficient.

Sometimes disputes cannot be avoided. Not because companies enter into them for the sake of it, but because customary commercial negotiation methods alone are not always able to bring about the desired results when companies assert justified claims or need to defend themselves against unfair claims.
Although the outcome of disputes both in and out of court cannot always be predicted with complete certainty, we can precisely outline the possible scenarios and point out the opportunities and risks to our clients in advance. We then develop a strategy tailored to their needs so that our clients can make the right decision for their particular situation.
We also take related matters into account, such as how the dispute could be reported in the press and how it could impact the image of the company or its executive bodies.
Our highly qualified experts have excellent strategic and rhetorical skills and an in-depth understanding of human psychology. They put these skills to effective use to help our clients achieve their objectives during negotiations and in court.
Our law firm’s interdisciplinary set-up allows us to seek the advice of experts in other legal disciplines quickly and easily wherever necessary.

What you need to know about litigation

  • The unpredictability of complex litigation cases means that companies need experienced, skilled experts by their side
  • The matters being negotiated often cover many areas of commercial law

Our services:

Our key services at a glance:

  • Creating preventive strategies to help our clients avoid disputes, including advice on contractual arrangements (in particular, choice of jurisdiction and choice of law clauses and the formulation of contractual provisions on matters that could provoke conflict)
  • Investigating the facts of a case with forensic detail to help prepare comprehensive strategies for resolving specific disputes
  • Developing different dispute resolution scenarios (including risk and cost analyses) and providing assistance during negotiations with the opposing side
  • Developing appropriate litigation strategies for asserting our clients’ interests in court and for defending them against unjustified claims
  • Supporting our clients in enforcing court rulings nationally and internationally
  • Taking care of professional internal and external communication with stakeholders



  • By clearly assessing your opportunities and risks, we help you make the best possible decisions for your company
  • Our law firm’s interdisciplinary set-up allows us to put together lean teams which can call on the expertise of specialists within other departments whenever necessary
  • Large global network of partners so that we can protect your interests worldwide