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Company law

The greatest possible room for manoeuvre with the least possible risk.

Choosing the right corporate structure while taking into account aspects of company law is essential for companies in order to survive in a fiercely competitive environment. This is because a company’s legal structure has implications both for its scope of liability and its tax burden. Another important area which is often overlooked is the need to regulate the rights and obligations of companies towards each other.
In private companies in particular, disagreements between shareholders can quickly develop into heated disputes, which lead to companies requiring urgent advice in the majority of cases, often including litigation advice.
We provide comprehensive advice on all areas of the law relating to incorporated companies and partnerships – even in complex cases where time is of the essence.
Our clients include a wide range of companies, ranging from medium-sized family-run businesses and public limited companies listed on the stock exchange to start-ups, strategic investors and financial investors.

What you need to know about company law

  • A company’s legal structure determines its rights and obligations as well as those of its bodies and shareholders
  • International corporate groups have particularly complex organisational structures

Our services:

Our key services at a glance:

  • Providing comprehensive advice to company founders by helping them to draft articles of association and shareholder agreements
  • Advising companies on all everyday corporate housekeeping matters, such as the various rights and obligations of the bodies of the company
  • Providing advice on company development strategies and liability during shareholder meetings
  • Providing advice on all other areas of the law relating to incorporated companies and partnerships


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Minimisation of liability risks for managing directors, executive board members and shareholders
  • Help with choosing the best corporate structure to ensure optimal financial results
  • During company reorganisations and corporate crises, you benefit from the extensive experience we have gained from more than 50 years working as and in cooperation with insolvency practitioners