Stephan Vogel

Stephan Vogel

+49(0)711 966 89 63
+49(0)711 966 89 99
Reinsburgstraße 27
70178 Stuttgart


VCARD: Stephan Vogel

Areas of expertise:

  • Insolvency law
  • Rule Insolvency Administration

Correspondence languages:

German, English


Stephan Vogel is a lawyer at GRUB BRUGGER’s Stuttgart location.

He has been working at GRUB BRUGGER in insolvency administration since he started there. Stephan Vogel supervises proceedings both at the preliminary insolvency stage, as well as at the stage of opened insolvency proceedings.  

In preliminary insolvency proceedings Stephan Vogel’s core competencies include the seizure and securing the insolvent's assets, running and controlling the ongoing business and examining the possibilities for keeping the insolvent companies running.  

In opened insolvency proceedings, his focus is on the confiscation and recovery of the insolvent’s assets, taking into account any third party collateral.  

Over and above this, Mr. Vogel’s main tasks include communication and coordination with all those involved in the insolvency proceedings, in particular the insolvency courts, banks, suppliers, customers and employees.


  • 2016: Specialist lawyer for  insolvency and restructuring law
  • 2009: Started work at GRUB BRUGGER
  • 2007: Ashurst LLP, Frankfurt am Main
  • 2006: Concentro Management AG, Nuremberg
  • 2005: Internship with lawyer Dr. Patrick C. Campbell, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Studied law at the University of Jena

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