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Transport law

A growing market subject to increasing regulatory requirements.

Keeping goods moving is essential for doing business globally. Logistics operators often work across geographical borders – and are also responsible for ensuring that increasingly complex regulations are observed both nationally and internationally.
These regulations are just as diverse and innumerable as the number of transport routes and modes of transport themselves. Whether goods are transported by air, road, water or rail, there are a wide range of challenges to overcome. Who, for example, is liable to the client if the subcontracted haulage company loses the goods? Or if a delivery from abroad is damaged, under which jurisdiction is the haulage company liable?
To help logistics companies with their planning, it is crucial that they have reliable systems in place to efficiently manage claims and collect what they are owed. At the same time, it is important to keep the haulage company’s liability as low as possible.
We regularly help our clients with these and other matters in the area of transport and shipping law.
Haulage companies, carriers, logistics companies and trading companies rely on our services.

What you need to know about litigation

  • Swift action is required due to a complex network of stakeholders, extremely short delivery times and short limitation periods during which claims must be asserted
  • Numerous international indemnity agreements are often concluded

Our services:

Our key services at a glance:

  • Creating preventive strategies to help our clients avoid disputes, including advice on contractual arrangements (in particular, choice of jurisdiction and choice of law clauses and the formulation of contractual provisions on matters that could provoke conflict)
  • Investigating the facts of a case with forensic detail to help prepare comprehensive strategies for resolving specific disputes
  • Developing different dispute resolution scenarios (including risk and cost analyses) and providing assistance during negotiations with the other side
  • Developing appropriate litigation strategies for asserting our clients’ interests in court and for defending them against unjustified claims
  • Supporting our clients in implementing court rulings nationally and internationally
  • Taking care of professional internal and external communication with stakeholders



  • Fast and organised assertion of claims means that you are more likely to receive exactly what you are owed
  • Comprehensive support in managing insurance obligations and dealing with other regulations gives you greater certainty when planning your operations
  • Support from a partner with many years of experience and a large international network


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