Law Firm of the Year Insolvency and Restructuring
Sanierung und Restrukturierung

Reorganisation and restructuring consulting

It is important to seek the advice of experienced navigators to guide you at the first signs of trouble.
Spotting the early warning signs that a financial crisis is brewing is one of the greatest challenges facing companies and entrepreneurs. Instead of arising overnight, crises tend to develop gradually and in several stages over a long period of time.
It is crucial to seek the support of reorganisation experts in good time because the earlier we can get on board, the sooner we can help companies to turn the tide. The type of support we give depends in part on how deep the crisis is. If we are called upon at an early stage, we can advise companies on how to avoid insolvency. Alternatively, we can provide support during formal insolvency proceedings. To help companies enjoy long-term success despite the challenges presented by the globalised market, we perform comprehensive, in-depth analyses of all the relevant factors and key figures. Our highly experienced, well-established teams use the results of these analyses to find solutions tailored to each company’s requirements.
As proactive company reorganisation specialists, we provide an interdisciplinary consultancy service which has proven its worth time and time again throughout our decades-long history and in this way we can provide all the support you need from under one roof.

What you need to know about reorganisation and restructuring

  • Effective approach to steer companies back on course either before they get into difficulties or during formal insolvency proceedings
  • All legal and commercial restructuring options are taken into account

Our services:

Our key services at a glance:

  • Providing support with matters relating to company, insolvency and employment law
  • Advising companies of all sizes as well as their shareholders, executive boards and (institutional) creditors
  • Taking care of professional internal and external communications
  • Performing interim management duties
  • Creating an insolvency plan and/or implementing an M&A process
  • Creating and reviewing reorganisation plans and providing advice during their implementation
  • Creating and reviewing reorganisation statements and drafting integrated business plans
  • Providing support with refinancing negotiations
  • Using our in-depth understanding of companies of all shapes and sizes to identify the best corporate structure


Your benefits at a glance:

  • By acting as an independent mediator between conflicting interests, we build trust in our solutions
  • Our interdisciplinary consultancy service creates commercially viable solutions
  • We can restore your company’s financial performance
  • Consistent internal and external communications create transparency and build trust
  • We take care of all aspects relating to the prevention of insolvency or the insolvency proceedings so that you can concentrate fully on your day-to-day operations
  • We advise you every step of the way by working closely with you as you implement your tailored solution